Hardcore mode is coming back for Modern Warfare II’s Season 2

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The fan-favorite mode makes a return

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Infinity Ward tried some new things with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II — some of them stuck like semtex, and some of them didn’t. One change that many players are excited to see reverted is the game’s Hardcore mode, or more specifically, its return to the game with MWII‘s Season 2. The news came via the official Infinity Ward Twitter account, where they announced the return of the mode that makes an already-difficult game even harder. In addition, the studio stated that more updates on what to expect from Season 2 will be coming later this week on their blog.

Hardcore mode isn’t for the faint of heart, as it gives players significantly less health, reduces the HUD down to a minimum, and turns friendly fire on. As usual, players will be able to access Hardcore mode through a specific playlist, so don’t worry about getting roped into these games by accident — although I wouldn’t put it past anyone considering how unnecessarily confusing Modern Warfare II‘s UI is. The mode dates all the way back to the original Modern Warfare in 2007, so I don’t really understand why they didn’t include it from launch to begin with. Oh well, something to look forward to I guess.

Season 2 has already been delayed two weeks to February 15, as was correctly predicted by known Call of Duty data miner CODSploitz. In addition to Hardcore mode, the update will include the return of Resurgence mode, as well as “a brand new small map” and “new multiplayer maps, new modes, weapons and much more.”

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