Hardcore Mecha devs preview roguelite strategy game Anomaly Collapse

Playing 1D chess with a force of furries.

Anomaly Collapse

The developers behind 2D platformer Hardcore Mecha have a new game on the way, and this one is taking a tactical turn. The latest from RocketPunch Games, Anomaly Collapse, is described as a turn-based roguelite strategy game. Following in-progress previews on social media, you can see what that entails below.

The trailer puts character designs on display with a dash of humor and a peek at the gameplay. Set on a “one-dimensional battlefield grid,” Anomaly Collapse emphasizes making the most out of what little movement you have. You can flank, backstab, and get up close and personal with your opponents, but the key lies in “abnormalities.”

Anomaly Collapse
Screenshot via Spiral Up Games

Critical gains

The furry fighters on the frontlines can equip these abnormalities over the course of the game to enhance abilities. These include both active and passive effects depending on what you discover. Using them at the right time can turn the tide of battle, so it sounds like a pretty crucial component to the overall strategy.

Beyond the wrinkles that abnormalities introduce, the battlefield itself can change when you least expect it. From literally shifting planes to incoming objects and projectiles, these changes will force players to think fast. If this sounds interesting, the official Twitter has been sharing everything from character art to gameplay clips for the past year. There’s currently no date in place for Anomaly Collapse, but it’s on the way to PC and a Steam page is live. 

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