Happy Valentine’s Day from Gears of War

Epic is giving us all a Valentine’s Day gift of… ummm… epic proportions. The guys over at the Epic forums put together a list of experience bonuses that could be implemented as a Valentine’s gift to the community, and now they have chosen three that they will be giving unto us Feb. 8 through Feb. 14. The total amount of days hasn’t been announced yet, but it will be at least three.

The bonuses we will get? Revives are double points in all game types, Wingman is double normal XP (4x XP) and Horde is double XP. Wooo, points and things. I’m ditching this box of chocolates I got my fiancee and delivering to her three days of me playing Gears of War 2 online. She loves when I totally ignore her to play videogames.

Gears of War 2 Sends Us a Bloody Valentine [Kotaku]

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