Happy Birthday Destructoid, and the Human Inside!

[Editor’s note: I’ve asked several of our most talented community members to make something special for the Birthday/Anniversary super special. Expect several more C-Blogs throughout the day like this. — CTZ]

Ah, Destructoid, my home away from home. It was only less than a year ago since I joined this place, and I have now become so much more enamored with this site than I have nearly anything else before it. I have never been to a place with such an amazing community, and an owner that takes his time to communicate with anyone who wants to. This community has brought me so many new friends that I hope to have for years to come. I want to congratulate Niero, and the wonderful staff for keeping such an amazing site going, and helping build an amazing community. Also, Happy Birthday, Niero! Thank you for taking time on your birthday just two years ago to bring us this amazing place to hang out with people just like ourselves. (Even though you just wanted to go to E3. =P) But thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us all a place to belong.

Alright, now after the sappy intro, here’s the part you’ve all been waiting to see. Well, I guess not technically because it’s been a secret! So, here are the mass amounts of surprises after the jump!

First we start off with my Mr. Destructoid hat! This is the biggest pain in the ass hat I’ve ever made, but it was totally worth it. I had to chuckle every time that someone would post a comment about wanting me to make a Destructoid hat, when it has actually been done for months now. I’m a good secret keeper.

This hat probably took a good ten to fifteen hours to make, as well as some new methods I had never used before. As you notice, this hat is square, unlike all of my other hats, which brought up some weird issues. It is kept sturdy in the corners by pipe cleaners that are sewn into the inside of the hat. The rest of the hat is made with multiple colors of polar fleece.

Click Here For Full Sized Image

Here comes the next project, the 2nd Anniversary wallpaper. This of course features baby Mr. Destructoid on his gamer blanky. There is an A-Z of video game characters, which feel free to try and guess who’s featured on the blanket. Also, I can’t forget his cute little Chocobo plushie, as well as his baby Power Glove. This took quite a while to Photoshop, but as with all of these projects, it was worth it.

Next is the Papercraft I’ve designed based on Mr. Destructoid. I think he turned out pretty cute, and has actually been adorning my desk for over a month now. I edited a pattern I had found online with Photoshop and made it the way you see now. It’s pretty easy to put together, and the instructions are below!

Click Here For Full View of the Instructions for Printing

Here’s the Perler Bead art I did of the Destructoid head. I’ve had this done for ages as well, and have just been hiding it. This one’s pretty straight forward, so we’ll move on to the next major piece.

Click Here For The Full Size Image

This is the piece that took me the longest time to complete. I’ve been working on this for a long time, and finally finished it up. This is a piece that will be featured in Ceark’s graphic novel he’s been spending mass amounts of time on. I’ve been told it will be the first picture shown in the gallery, which is a great honor. I hope everyone who’s involved in this picture enjoys it, as well as the community. This took probably 40 hours worth of Photoshop time, so it was a long one, but again, totally worth it.

Again, thank you very much everyone for giving us all such a great place to escape to, and thank you everyone for welcoming me into this world. It means more than you’ll ever know.