Happy belated Friday the 13th!

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Yes, if you didn’t know by now that yesterday was Friday the 13th, then nothing bad must of happened to you. As for the rest of you that had everything from a speeding ticket to a crazed psychopath chasing you all day, here are some Friday the 13th videos to cheer you up.The Angry NES Nerd is being forced to review the game, Friday the 13th and here’s a little trailer of the his review. To see the full review, you’ll need to hit Screwattack.comHere’s a little walk down memory lane of the insanely impossible Friday the 13th game for the NES. I mean honestly the only advantage you could of had to win this game was to play it as a virgin, because we all know only virgins lived to kill Jason. Otherwise, you were screwed. I mean come on, you had rocks as your first weapon. ROCKS! Who are you going to kill with rocks?See what its like for the Sims in The Sims 2 on their Friday the 13th. Nothing worse than losing your dummy, when you accidentally pull its heart out or having your computer shock you when you poked it with your screw driver. Whoops.Of course, you can’t talk about Friday the 13th without talking about Jason Voorhees, the dead guy himself. Take a moment to honor the man, the legend that is the Camp Crystal Lake killer.The 1992 MTV Movie Awards honors Jason Voorhees with the lifetime achievement award. Jason takes off his mask at the end of his speech and boy, he has the ugliest face I’ve ever seen.Jason Voorhees on the Arsensio Hall show. Scary, isn’t he… I mean Arsenio. What were we thinking watching that show?And finally see what happens when Jason Voorhees has a bad day, because even mass murders have it rough sometimes.

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