Happy 2nd Anniversary Destructoid!! + Niero’s Birthday-versary Song

I present to you the new I KILL PXLS song: “Niero’s Birthday-versary Song”. Just over a year ago, I started to get fed up with the “big” name sites and how they were mostly just PR mouthpieces. Conveniently around that time I was contacted by Flynn De Marco who wanted to feature my art on some Web sites. “I can get you on Kotaku and Destructoid” he told me, and I immediately thought “What the hell are those?”. Thus I was introduced to the awesomeness that is Destructoid. Though I thought Kotaku was cool, I was immediately drawn to Destructoid’s community since it gave me an outlet for my need to discuss videogames and the “no bullshit” writing style of the editors. Plus there were a lot of hot ass girls around here then (still are actually).

Since then, it’s become the Web site I visit most everyday for various reasons, and I feel like an actual member of the community. Hell, I even got drunk with Workman (don’t ask what happened later). So when I was contacted about making a song for the 2 year Anniversay of Destructoid and the birthday of the Robot in Chief Niero, I was all for it.

I want to wish Destructoid a Happy 2nd Anniversary and Niero a Happy Birthday and thank Niero and Workman and everyone of the staff who make Destructoid the greatest site to come to and hang out on. Also, thanks to everyone in the community since you guys are what makes Destructoid more than just another videogame blog. This is one of the greatest places on the Internet. For serious.

Check out the song above and hit the jump for the song lyrics.  



Way back in 84 you saw your first game
And now you’re on your way to Internet fame
Who knew 2 years ago you’re E3 master plan
would transform into this, and get you a bitchin’ tan
And then on top of it you get a birthday
Hey man how are old are you? OK you don’t have to say

But you can’t be that old…What are you?
Like …56?…48?
It doesn’t matter…

It’s your Birthday-versary
Your second Birthday-versary
It’s your Birthday-versary
Happy Birthday-versary

I heard you’re super buff, like you could fight a car
and shoot big laser beams, impregnate girls from afar
I think it’s Workman who told me all of that
I think he has a crush so tell Colette to watch your back.
But on the serious, I want to thank you
A video game site like this was overdue
So I wish you a happy anniversary
And an awesome birthday too

It’s your Birthday-versary
Your second Birthday-versary
It’s your Birthday-versary
Happy Birthday-versary

Also, Thanks to Dale North for mixing the song! You Asian Brian McKnight you.