Happy 20th Birthday to Street Fighter II: World Warrior

Street Fighter II: World Warrior. Damn. What a classic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played this amazing game, which dates back to 1991. 20 years, baby. To celebrate, I’ve borrowed Shoryuken‘s idea. Let’s remember this game fondly in the comments below.

Here’s my contribution: I got on this kick back in the day where I was obsessed with the game. I knew I wasn’t good at it, but I wanted to be, so much so that I’d challenge anyone who claimed to be good. I got strategy guides and videos (I still have a VCR tape!) and studied, went to arcades, and basically blew through countless rolls of quarters losing over and over.

Back then, as any young person would, I worked in fast food. I had a friend that also worked at the same joint, and we’d usually end up closing the place. We’d hurry with our work so we could head out to one gas station that had a pretty good SFII machine. We’d get there at 10:30 p.m. and play until we were broke, or as in my case, tired of losing. 

I loved this game with all of its cheap Guile and traps and everything. Such fond memories. I want to find that guy and tell him that his trap strategies do not make him a good player. I’d probably punch him in the balls if I saw him again.

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