Happy 20th birthday, Game Boy

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Ah, Game Boy. We go way back. You’ve been in my back pocket for decades now. We’ve been through so much together, too. Remember when I lost your battery cover? You had to roll bare-assed for a long time. Embarrassing!

Remember when you got that silly printer? Remember when we got that hip-worn add-on battery pack to extend your battery life? Remember when I thought I broke you but it was just your contrast dial being all the way down? That was funny, wasn’t it?

Ah, we had fun.

You’re now a ripe 20 years old, first hitting retail in Japan this week back in 1989. But you’re still cool. You made on-the-road gaming cool. Hell, you made Barf Green cool. And you and all of your younger siblings still impress. And you did it all with only one screen, no color, uphill both ways.

You’ve touched the lives of hundreds of millions, Game Boy. You should be proud.

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