Hands on: Xbox 360 Special Edition new d-pad controller

Microsoft sent along a couple of the new Special Edition Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers that feature the transforming d-pad. Nick and I gave these controllers a spin this weekend to see if this would be the d-pad of our dreams. 

In the video above Nick and I waste no time talking about how the new pad — which transforms from an 8-way disc to a more focused 4-way cross — worked in games that were difficult with the original controller. Lumines Live, anyone? We also cover some of the slight design changes in this new $64.99 controller. It’s all accented by product shots and video we took of the sexy silver thing — it really does look great. If you want a better look, check out our lovely HD YouTube video version. There’s also some images in our gallery. 

What do you think? Will you be replacing your controllers with this new one?

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