Hands-on with Rainbow Six Vegas 2’s co-op

I’ve been craving some solid co-op games for a while now and it seems that March is the month for that. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2’s is coming out in a couple of more weeks and I can finally discuss my favorite part of the game: Co-op.

Previous Vegas fans might not actually like what they’ve done with the co-op functions however as Vegas 2 is now just a two player co-op game instead of four as far as the main game goes. Normally, I would find something like this to be upsetting news, but I think this works out for the better for this type of a game. Hit the jump to read on.

Basically, co-op mode simply introduces a fourth member to the Rainbow Six squad. The fourth member has no significant impact on the main story line at all so he more or less can be perceived as some sort of a helper ninja. Bishop (the host) has sole control over the two A.I. squad mates while the fourth member, Knight (Chess joke! GET IT?!), just has to worry about himself. Even though the management system has been improved in Vegas 2, I still hate the thought of having to baby sit my A.I. squad mates. Vegas 2 is giving the chance for people like me to enjoy the game while my buddy who likes the squad dynamic takes care of that end.

Another fantastic addition to the co-op is the fact that the second player can jump in and out seamlessly throughout the entire game while the host keeps on going through the missions. While the second player is in the game, XP and anything that is unlocked along the way will be shared with the second player as well. 

While I was at the Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 event, they had two guys demonstrate the co-op feature of the game. I was really blown away by how much communication was going on between the two guys as they each prepared to breach a room. My favorite part of this was when the player controlling Knight advance ahead of the team and got himself in a good sniping position. As he started sniping away terrorists, this gave Bishop and the A.I. team a chance to rappel down the roof they were on as the enemy A.I. were distracted by Knight.

This to me is how a co-op setup should be. I was extremely excited to see that Halo 3 offered four player co-op only to be disappointed as it was more of an annoyance than rewarding playing with other people. Sure, things got done a lot quicker, but it’s infuriating when your friend decides to kill you for that Sniper Rifle and there are no consequences for that.  

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 will be out March 18th and be sure to check out my hands-on with the multiplayer and single player portions of the game from previous weeks.  

Hamza Aziz