Hands-on with 2D Souls-like Eitr

Eitr? I hardly even know her!

Zack and I finally played Eitr, which I’ve talked about before, at E3 this year. Then we sat very close together in camping chairs, shared a mic, and talked about it. To quote a YouTube comment, “Is everyone is dtoid just gay now?”


Eitr is pretty sweet, though. I wrote about it last year because it’s a beautiful 2D Souls-like, and since then its been picked up by Devolver and heading to PS4.

There was a big skeleton boss at the end. I almost killed him, but ultimately Kenny had to do it. I kept running out of room to sidestep a homing attack. Otherwise, there’s a parry you can’t cancel (and can choose to attack after doing, it’s not automatic), a bunch of moves you can cancel, a shield ram (or dual wielding), regular and charged attacks, special abilities (adding lightning makes subsequent attacks do more damage).

One Souls-like bit is that there is no experience. You collect Favors, which you can keep, unused, but lose if you die. These give stats bonuses. Otherwise, you can be safe and put them towards your level. There’s also a fair bit of random generation, including items and a Test Your Luck-esque death penalty (which will eventually start to buff you on repeated deaths.) 

Lots of cool stuff here. I look forward to trudging the spindly shield maiden through rats and skeletons next year.

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