Hands-on: God of War: Betrayal

Most of the time, we wouldn’t dare give up precious Dtoid front-page space to something as casual and, well, crappy as a cell phone game. But, when something is as big and done as well as God of War has been done for the mobile market, it’s nearly impossible to hold back and not tell you about it.

I’ll keep this brief, because frankly, you know God of War and we all know cell phone games aren’t the most feature-rich things around anyway. However, you must keep this in mind: God of War: Betrayal for cell phones is probably the best action-oriented cell phone game I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure of touching.

Check out my impressions after the jump. 

Made by a completely different team from who created and managed each God of War franchise, the development team at SOE Los Angeles working on God of War: Betrayal in no way dropped the ball on this one.

Though it is essentially a 2D side scroller, this game is the fairest representation you can get of the series for this kind of format. In fact, the action and amount of graphical robustness found on the screen left many of us in awe. We were floored that this was actually a standard cell phone game.

Of course, it’s not just graphics that really make cell phone titles work. The most important part is how they play — something especially true for action games. What’s crazy is that not only did the SOE team create a wonderfully familiar feel to God of War: Betrayal, but they did it in such a way that makes the game actually easy and intuitive to play on a cell phone.

The game takes many cues from its big brothers, whether it be pushing a directional button several times to move a statue or pushing in different directions to pull off a finishing move. In essence, the same kind of quality and excellent gameplay you get in the console version is absolutely perfectly translated to the cell phone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one to never download games to my phone. If I need mobile gaming, then I just whip out my DS or PSP. But, after seeing God of War: Betrayal, I can say without a doubt I will be downloading this thing.

In fact, I own a BlackJack. And, I asked a rep for the team if a widescreen, BlackJack-friendly version would be released. While he didn’t say yes outright, he did hint that there was a strong possibility of it happening. All the more incentive for me to actually buy this thing.

Expect God of War: Betrayal for mobile phones to hit all carriers in the next few months.

Robert Summa