Handhelds for a good cause: Limited Edition Pink Ribbon DS

Well, at least it isn’t pink (although the logo is, so I still feel as if I was touched by the ubiquitous color that is supposed to symbolize femininity). This DS is a special edition that goes on sale this September 29th, and since most gamers prefer their portables plain or etched with symbols of gaming culture, I’m going to guess this is aimed at that same customer that will rent handbags through From Bags To Riches.

By purchasing this DS, $5 of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation and aid in the fight against breast cancer. That is a great cause, so I’m not dogging it, but I guess I’d rather donate directly to the foundation itself than buy this DS. Hate to sound shallow, but I’m not really into the design. For the lady who drapes herself in pink ribbons however, this one ought to be a real winner.

[Via Amazon – Thanks, Adam] 

Colette Bennett