Hamsters vs. Humans dance-off in Home tonight

Tonight might be a good night to stay in, bust open a few beers, get pretty drunk by 8 p.m. PST and then watch whatever the hell is going to happen during Playstation Home’s “Hamsters vs. Humans Dance-Off.” What is at stake? Just the very nature of our souls as they are represented in lifeless avatars in Home itself. Evidently the giant Hamsters want control of home and the way to go about doing that is to have a dance-off in the Central Plaza area of Home.

The dance-off will also have a different purpose as whichever faction makes the longest chain will unlock a special reward for all of Home that will be coming in a future update. If you read that sentence carefully, you’ll realize that the reward is an update for everyone which really isn’t a reward at all. However, isn’t the real reward getting together and actually breathing some life into Home? Yes, yes it is.

Is it just me or is that Mr. Destructoid in the top left hand corner of the event poster? Has he been secretly planning a hamster takeover of Home without letting anyone know?

Matthew Razak