Halo Wars ‘Strategic Options’ announced, detailed

Earlier today, Microsoft announced “Strategic Options,” a downloadable add-on to Ensemble’s Halo Wars. “Strategic Options” is basic expansionary content that adds three new modes of play to the main game: Keepaway, Tug of War, and Reinforcement.

Let’s explore, shall we? Keepaway Mode is essentially Capture the Flag, except the flag is a “free-roaming” Forerunner Sentinel. If you grab it a total of three times, you win. Tug of War mode sounds funny: build a huge army and crush your opponent. Sounds like something you already do, right? And finally, Reinforcement Mode is a survival gametype of sorts that pits you against waves of differing enemies.

No word on pricing or availability, but chances are it’ll be “expensive” and “soon.” We’ll be sure to let you know when it drops. Until then, hit the break and stare at the Achievement information. Also, feel free to look at the tiny pictures in the gallery. (I’m not kidding; these things are wicked small.)


One and Done (30 points): Score the winning point in a game of Keepaway against Legendary A.I.’s
Pull Hard, Pull Deep (20 points): Win and never trail in a Tug of War game
Freak on a Streak (20 points): Gain at least 15 population from a single wave in a Reinforcement game
Living Loving Bug (30 points): Obtain a Scarab during a Reinforcement game

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