Halo Wars is backward compatible on Xbox One now, too

Along with two fighters

On a day when everyone looks to the future (a future in which they have a headset affixed to their skull), Xbox looks backward. Some would say Microsoft’s trying to walk the universe-balancing tightrope and keep virtual reality from becoming real reality; others — the less aggrandizing — would say it’s just bolstering its backward compatibility library.

Whatever your view, there is one indisputable truth: Halo Wars, Soulcalibur II, and King of Fighters ’98 are all now available to play on Xbox One via Xbox 360 emulation. These three games bring the backward compatibility list nearing 150-strong.

Since the program’s rolling out last fall, Microsoft has been increasingly speedy in moving more games to backward compatibility. Just last week, two different sets were added, including Dark Souls. That means that while part of your brain is envisioning a VR-addled future, another part of your brain can envision a future where that Xbox 360 goes in the closet for good.

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