Halo Wars goes gold, Microsoft celebrates with documentary, screens, demo info

Microsoft Games Studios and Ensemble Studios are excited because they’re done with Halo Wars. That’s right, finished — the game has gone gold, which means it’s off somewhere being made for public consumption. This means the game is all set for its March 3 North American release, and we shouldn’t expect any delays.

The Halo Wars demo will be available on Xbox LIVE at the very specific date and time of February 5 at 2 o’clock in the morning, Pacific. So if it’s a minute late, feel free to start furiously bitching all over the Internet. The demo will feature the first two stories in the game’s campaign mode, as well as a multiplayer map called “Chasms” that you’ll be able to battle against A.I. on.

Microsoft have also released the first in what is sure to be a series of Halo Wars video documentaries, which you can see above. If you want it in glorious HD (and it does look glorious), it’s also available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

So, who’s more excited about this game than Halo: ODST?

Nick Chester