Halo still has a lot of players, you’re probably one of them

I don’t think anyone is ever going to say that what Halo has done for online gaming is anything short of epic or that the game’s multiplayer is bad in any way. No, in fact it is good mutliplayer, and when there is good multiplayer people play the good multiplayer, and, evidently, they continue to play the good multiplayer. According to Bungie, despite Halo 3 being two years old there are still 1,000,000 unique players playing the game every single day.

That is a really big number for a game that old, but on the other hand why would it die out? The amount of people playing alone keeps the multiplayer popular and, despite the immaturity level of about 750,000 of the daily players, it’s really good multipalyer. Plus, I bet that number is going to jump when the Mythic Map Pack 2 and ODST land. Are you contributing to that astronomically high daily number too?

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