Halo: Recon is now called Halo: ODST, change your wishlists accordingly

If you were a Halo fan excited by Bungie’s upcoming not-an-expansion-but-not-a-full-game Halo: Recon, get used to saying this: Halo: ODST

Yes, the game formerly known as Halo: Recon has pulled a Prince/Cliffy B and is now known as Halo: ODST. For those not familiar with the Halo universe, “ODST” stands for “Orbital Drop Shock Trooper,” one of which you will control in Halo: Recon ODST.

Maybe it makes more sense with where Bungie is going with the game, but “Hay-low Ree-con” was so much easier to say than “Hay-low Oh Dee Ess Tee.” But I guess it doesn’t matter — the game could have been called Halo: STD and it still would have sold truck loads. 

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