Halo: Reach’s story is kind of like Titanic

It’s hard to imagine a Spartan taking the time to draw a chick in the nude while on board an Olympic-class passenger liner. But that wasn’t really what Halo: Reach‘s creative director wanted us to think about when he likened the game’s story to James Cameron’s uber-popular flick Titanic.

Speaking to Edge, Bungie’s Marcus Lehto said Reach tells a dreary tale. Kind of like Titanic, because we already know a bajillion people are going to die — and not necessarily because Reach sinks like a submerged ice cube tray.

Reach is like Titanic,” he told Edge, “we know the end from the beginning. Reach is going to fall and 700 million people are going to perish as a result.”

“It’s a very dark story to tell,” he continued, “and our goal is to allow the player to experience the Noble Team’s efforts and get satisfaction from them continuing to fight forward and achieve the final acts of what we can’t talk about today.”

We get what Lehto is saying. That nude scene was pretty hip. In a emotional kind of way, of course.

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Brad BradNicholson