Halo: Reach ViDoc gives us a nice taste of what’s to come

The first ViDoc for Halo: Reach has the Bungie team talking about what they’re doing different from the SPARTANs, the environment, weapons, the Covenant bastards and more. Bungie is going for a more human approach in Reach and one of the things they’re improving is the character animation. They’re using motion capture and they’re putting more polygons into the characters which means all the human faces won’t look like they’ve been stepped on a couple of dozen times like in Halo 3.

Alright, I give Bungie. The debut trailer didn’t hook me in, but this new ViDoc has me feeling just like I did when I discovered Halo: Combat Evolved. Just the fact that Bungie says in this ViDoc that they want to capture the same feelings from the original Halo makes me very happy.

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