Halo: Reach Monument of Light update, films coming

We told you earlier that Microsoft is asking all Halo fans to help in creating a monument to commemorate the Noble Team and the planet Reach. Go to RememberReach.com and contribute a point of light that will help form the monument. A continually regenerating sclupture made of points of light will be gradually shaped and then produced by a “state-of-the-art robotic installation.” Your contribution adds to the coordinates that the arm will sculpt. Or something like that.

Beyond all of this craziness is a collection of three live-action films from director Noam Murro (director of 2008’s film Smart People) that will bring to live glimpses of what it was like living on planet Reach just before the invasion of the Covenant. These are shorts that offer an “intimate look at the lives of citizens and soldiers on Reach prior to the legendary battle.” That sounds deep!

If that all wasn’t enough, there’s a world premiere of the final live-action short, Deliver Hope, on August 26th at Halo.xbox.com. and bungie.net.

As you can see above, the monument goes live in about 14 hours.

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