Halo: Reach images and video hit the ‘net

EB Games made “Tom Morello” proud earlier this morning. The blogosphere believes that the retailer’s Web site was host to a set of unseen Halo: Reach images, all of which have been pulled after the retailer realized said shots were to remain unseen for now.

No worries; the Internet doesn’t fall asleep on this kind of stuff. Web sites like All Games Beta are now hosting the “leaked” images, giving us all a small window into what Reach is all about. (Spoiler alert: it’s Halo.)

Not to be outdone by a corporate entity, a human has leaked the initial seconds of the Reach beta, showing off introductory text that does little more than make us really want to play the Reach beta. Thanks, duders!

Halo: Reach shots are serious business [VG247]

Brad BradNicholson