Halo: Nightfall trailer takes the war to them

And the announcement of HaloFest

When players pick up Halo: The Master Chief Collection on November 11, they’re going to get the entirety of the live-action Halo: Nightfall. Microsoft wants to make sure that they know what to expect, so it’s released a trailer that’s heavy on walking with guns and badass statements.

Accompanying the trailer is the announcement of HaloFest on November 10 in Los Angeles. HaloFest serves as a launch party of sorts for Master Chief Collection. Among the event’s festivities are a first look at the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta, the world premiere of the first episode of Nightfall, and interviews with 343 Industries staff.

HaloFest can be streamed from Xbox Live, Xbox.com, and Twitch at 8 p.m. PT. That should hold you over until it’s time to fire up Master Chief Collection at midnight.

Brett Makedonski
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