Halo Infinite will not feature the iconic dual wield mechanic or playable Elites

‘This is a Master Chief and Spartan story’

Halo Infinite, thankfully, is getting more time in the oven.

It must have been an excruciating decision to delay it beyond the launch of a new console, but 343 seems to be using this time to make the game better, based on numerous updates just this year.

So what’s the latest? An expectation check. 343 confirms that there will be no playable Elites in the game (“we’re not currently planning on adding playable Elites”), and no dual wielding (“currently no, that’s not in the cards right now”). Yet, the open world will focus around a night/day cycle, as well as a weather system. Ups and downs!

This comes straight from the Halo Infinite “Ask 343” stream presented by community manager John Junyszek, lead world designer John Mulkey, gameplay director Troy Mashburn, and lead sandbox designer Quinn Delhoyo.

You can find the bulk of the presentation distilled at roughly the 38:00 mark. This is where the development team really digs into the nitty gritty of some mechanics, and delves into a few fan questions.

Chris Carter
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