Here’s a look at two maps arriving with Halo Infinite Season 2, Catalyst and Breaker

Halo Infinite season 2 maps

Gimme a Break(er)

Halo Infinite Season 2 arrives on May 3, and with it, two new maps for multiplayer. Today, 343 Industries put out a trailer showing off the sights and sounds of the two maps arriving this season: Breaker and Catalyst.

The first one is Catalyst, an abandoned Forerunner edifice. This feels pretty classic Halo to me, with plenty of sightlines and elevations to play around with. Power weapons are sitting in the open, so they’re a calculated risk. And it has all the metallic sheen and glowing blue bridges that make a Halo map feel very Halo.

While Catalyst is the Arena map, Big Team Battle fans will be headed to Breaker. This Banished shipbreaking yard looks pretty open for chaos, given the giant laser moving around in the middle. The jump ramps seem perfectly poised for the comical Warthog leap right into the hull-slicing beam. Of the two maps arriving with Halo Infinite Season 2, I’m definitely into Breaker—but then again, I’m also a Big Team Battle player.

Lone Wolves

This second season of Halo Infinite, set for May 3, is dubbed Lone Wolves. Alongside adding Breaker and Catalyst to the map pool, the new season will also have a new battle pass. That means plenty of new cosmetics to earn and, due to how 343 is handling battle passes, no time limits on when you get them.

While new content is good, there is a downside. 343 Industries has also confirmed that campaign co-op will not be arriving with the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2. The team has said it’s aiming to deliver campaign co-op via network play later in the season, while split-screen co-op is still up in the air. The Forge for Halo Infinite, meanwhile, is still due to arrive with Halo Infinite Season 3.

The seasonal updates for Halo Infinite have led to a mixed reception so far. The updates make for good excuses to come back, but big Halo features like co-op and Forge moving back with updates has made it tough for Infinite to stick with me like other Halo games have.

We’ll see what the Lone Wolves can do for Halo Infinite when Season 2 launches on May 3.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter