Halo for your wang. No, seriously.

Already preordered your copy of Halo 3? Decorated your fridge with fan art of Master Chief? Bought a tent to camp out in while you wait in line for Best Buy to open, which you have decorated with puff paint versions of the Halo logo? Go no further. This product was made for you, my friend.

The Halo 3 condom comes in a discreet orange packaging and encourages you to “Finish the f*ck”. Can you imagine telling your friends that you banged a chick wearing a Halo condom? Would they be orange, or a nice army green to keep your sausage well disguised while dashing through the jungle? Sadly we’ll never know, because the item isn’t a real manufactured product, but a total internet matlock on those of us willing to buy any piece of merchandise with a Halo logo. I’d laugh, but then I’d have to justify my Final Fantasy collection.

[Thanks Mabec!] 

Colette Bennett