Halo fans read? New Halo book this November

The sixth book in the Halo series, Halo: The Cole Protocol, will be hitting bookstores November 25th. The book was written by Tobias S. Buckell, who also penned the somewhat critically acclaimed sci-fi novels Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin.

If you’re in the dark like I am, check out this synopsis from the press release:

Halo: The Cole Protocol unveils the location of the Spartan Gray Team and takes readers into an unexplored conflict of the Human-Covenant War, where unlikely alliances are formed and shattered, altering the course of the humanity’s epic struggle for survival.

I’ve only had the opportunity to read three books from the series thus far, and I’ve always wondered if they were worth my time. Do the novels present a better story than the games? Does Master Chief ever find true love?

Brad BradNicholson