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I’m not really a PC Gamer for FPS games. I was raised on the controller and when I try to use the keyboard/mouse combo, I just can’t do it. Most of the time, I don’t care that I don’t play them, but when I see mods like this, I curse developers for making a better version of a console game on the PC. This first mod adds a little Metroidness to the Halo universe (OHHHHH!!! Another Game Debate Fronz! Who is the better hero/warrior?). The hand cannon was cool, but turning the Warthog into a ball? Genius. If you thought that was cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet..Now this is the mother of all mods right here. Not only do they completely rework the characters to look like Link, they completely rework the entire level and weapons too!Anyone know where to download these mods?

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