Halo announcement could come soon, Chief getting impatient

Aaron Greenburg, Xbox director of product management, can hear the cry of Halo fans. Centuries ago, we reported on Bungie’s announcement that the next Halo game was canned by Microsoft shortly before E3. The staff at Bungie and most commentators found the news to be quite unfortunate, but promised that the announcement was still coming. In a recent conversation with Greenburg, MTVMultiplayer got a suitable response about the timing of the announcement.

Hopefully soon. We haven’t said anything exactly yet, but I know the ‘Halo’ nation and Xbox fans out there are waiting and there’s been a lot of rumors. We hope to be able to have some more information to share sooner than later.

I wouldn’t necessarily count on an announcement at TGS this year, but it shall be interesting as to when Microsoft and Bungie decide to finally roll out the red carpet on this mysterious Halo project. I sincerely hope that it will be the more strategy-based Halo that we’ve heard about instead of an iPhone game. That would be supremely disappointing, wouldn’t it?

Brad BradNicholson