Halo 5’s Forge mode is the ‘biggest yet,’ not shipping with the game

Coming in December

Halo has always had an active and creative community that loves adding its own twists on the series it adores. Since 2007, it has been unnecessary to look any further than Forge to find shining examples of this. The mode, which allows for the building of custom maps, is a highlight for a dedicated section of players.

Less than a month away from the release of Halo 5, 343 Industries has outlined this iteration’s Forge mode. Unsurprisingly, it’s said to be the biggest yet. The developer has taken to Halo Waypoint to describe all the changes coming to Forge. There are a lot, and they are very detailed.

Some of the most important facets of Halo 5‘s Forge are the ability to group items (up to hundreds at a time), more lighting and terrain effects, and a freely-controlled camera. If you’re at all interested in the specifics, seriously, check out 343’s post. It goes into deep design detail that seems very impressive.

However, the Halo community won’t get to showcase their Forge skills right away. It’s not shipping with the game. 343 says that Forge “will release in December, just in time for the holiday break.” After that, the developer promises that it’ll be a free and constantly evolving platform.

Microsoft and 343 Industries are making a point to add things into Halo 5 post-launch. At gamescom, we learned that Big Team Battle would be implemented weeks after release. And, to most everyone’s satisfaction, all multiplayer DLC maps will be rolled out sometime down the road free of charge.

Building the Biggest Forge Yet [Halo Waypoint]

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