Halo 3 with Mistress Chief?

In a recent post on bungie.net, Frankie has asked women gamers to post their opinions on whether they would like to see a female voiced Spartan in multi-player modes of the new Halo 3. Here’s what he had to say:

Hey, ladies. Yeah, I’m talking to you, ladies. It has come to my attention that a significant chunk of our playership is female. I myself am constantly pooned and then humped by ladies. That is not sexy like it sounds, btw. It’s humiliating. Anyway, one of the things we’re looking at for Halo 3 multiplayer (Master Chief is all man) is adding a female voice to the Spartan character should you choose it as part of your custom character.

If we do it, it won’t be comical, stereotypical or insulting – we’ll pick a great, strong female actress who can pull off bloodcurdling death cries and rattles. And we’re not promising anything, we’re just trying to gauge interest. If you girls think it would be cool, then comment in the forums, spam me with PMs or start a petition on your own sites and forums. Then we’ll have to listen. If you think it’s pointless and patronizing and you’re happy just being a dude, then say so.

If you ARE a dude, we don’t care what you think, because we’re not asking you. Anyone who says anything stupid or sexist in the discussion forum will be megabanned.

– Frankie’s offical post

He asked the ladies to pm him, post in the forums or start a petition to have the female voiced Spartan added to the game.

This would be a great idea to help customize the characters further for female Halo players, as long as the Spartan isn’t given pink armor.

Speaking of a pink spartan, Kari Toyama had her favorite game obsession, Halo 2 tattooed onto her leg with this great re-creation of Master Chief in pink armor. This gaming girl recently held a charity online gaming tournament with the Coyote Cavegirls to raise money for breast cancer research. A host of a gaming podcast, Kari has applied for a job as a game tester and was even a finalist for the Frag Dolls contest.

Read more about her in a recent interview with Seattlepi.com.

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