Halo 3 street date broken, absolutely no one shocked

It looks like the inevitable has, um … inevitably come to pass.

Nick Millen sent in a tip a few moments ago revealing that UK retailer Argos has begun selling copies of the über-anticipated Halo 3 a full week before they were supposed to hit High Street. Taking a few moments off from the enviable task of being one of the first people on the planet to play the gold copy of Halo 3, Nick sent in the above picture to prove his new acquistion.

Of course, Microsoft can’t be too pleased about this situation so we’re assuming it’s only a matter of minutes before a team of Daleks arrive at his home hellbent on vaporizing his guts, hair and any other part of him even remotely recognizable as belonging to a human. Tom Baker, wherefore art thou?

[Thanks Nick, and seriously we all hate you right now.] 

[UPDATE: I covered the last 4 digits of his credit card that were still exposed to stop you larcenous, jealousy-fuelled kiddies from trying to swipe his life savings so you could ransom it all for a video game. That’s my good deed for the week. From here on out, it’s pure evil, 24/7. — Nex] 

Earnest Cavalli
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