Halo 3 outselling Killzone 2? Sales data not looking great

Killzone 2‘s lifetime US sales figure has been revealed, and while the PS3 exclusive has had a respectable performance, it appears to have failed to make the same strides as Xbox 360 exclusive Halo 3, even today. Unable to crack a million sales, Killzone 2 has so far shifted 677,000 units. Not bad, but not brilliant.

The game did have a very solid start. Despite launching considerably late in February, the game still charted at number 5, selling 323,000 units. The game dropped to number 7 in March, shifting 296,000 copies. Killzone 2 was proclaimed by Sony to be its fastest-selling US title, but apparently those fast sales have not translated into a long-term thing. 

It’s a shame because Killzone 2 really is an excellent game. While it’s had a solid sales performance, such a high profile title could and should have done much better, especially with years of development and 40 million euro having been invested in the thing. 

OXM is using the news to suggest that Halo 3 has outperformed Killzone 2, and dropped this rather amazing quote: “It’s a comforting sight for Xbox 360 owners to see that 20 months on and despite its advanced age, Halo 3 outselling Killzone 2, which has been out since February this year.”

Are you comforted by this thought? If so, what does it take for a rational human being to feel comfort from the fact that a game on their preferred system is doing better than a game on the system they don’t like as much? Have fanboys truly become that demented? If the thought of Halo 3 outselling KZ2 has actually made you breathe a sigh of relief, let me know. I’ve always wanted to meet a psychopath.

Jim Sterling