Halo 3 ‘Mythic’ and Gears 2 ‘Snowblind’ DLC dated, priced

Multiplayer downloadable content, ahoy! Today, Major Nelson announced the final details of Epic’s Gears of War 2 ‘Snowblind’ map pack and Bungie’s Halo 3 ‘Mythic’ map pack. ‘Snowblind’ hits on March 31 and the ‘Mythic’ content, included with the Halo Wars disc, will finally be available for Halo 3 enthusiasts April 9. Both packs will cost 800 Microsoft Points.

The Gears 2 DLC consists of four maps: Grindyard, Courtyard, Fuel Depot, and Under Hill. Upon purchasing the content, you’ll gain access to Achievements that reward you for playing the new stuff and progressing in the new ranking system. (Get the Achievement related details here.) The Halo 3 DLC includes three maps: Assembly, Orbital and Sandbox.  

I know quite a few Halo 3 players feeling burned because codes were dished out so early. Does the proximity of ‘Mythic’s’ launch kill the sting?

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