Halo 3 gets Infection playlist for Halloween: ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE NOW!

(Preface: If you’re of the mindset that Halo 3 is for the neanderthalic plebeians of gaming, you might want to scroll back to this post Colette wrote on Piranha Plant cosplay. It’s adorable, also happens to be Halloween related, and it won’t endanger your sense of smug satisfaction. — Nex)

According to the official Bungie blog, the boys (and girls) behind Halo 3 are adding a ranked Infection playlist to Xbox Live this Halloween. The addition of the new playlist will occur at 12:01AM on October 31st, and end at 3:00AM on November 1st, giving you all 27 hours to live out your brain-eating, survivalist fantasies (as well as pick up some of the more difficult Achievements).

For those not quite in the know, Infection is a custom multiplayer game type within Halo 3 in which one combatant is randomly placed and equipped with only a sword. This person’s role is to then seek out those still posessing the mental faculties to operate firearms, and through the delicate art of stabbin’, convert them to the “zombie” cause. As more people get stabbed, the undead horde grows, and so on and so forth. It loses a bit of its chaotic insanity when presented via text, but this is to Halo 3 players what masturbating to Milla Jovovich is to Resident Evil cosplayers. 

Earnest Cavalli
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