Halo 3 diorama brings ruin to editor’s cynical hatred of game ads

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As a means of breaking up our day-long marathon Halo 3 campaign experience earlier this week, the good people at Bungie brought us sandwiches and showed off a series of ads for the forthcoming release. Honestly, I was kinda… blown away. No CG? No silly movie trailer announcer dude?

Sure, we’ve seen the whole overwrought emotional impact thang in previous Microsoft ad campaigns such as Gears of War, but what really strikes me about the Halo 3 spots is the breathtaking and massive model featued in other ads. This making-of video, cleverly disguised within the same History Channel-esque context as the other spots, shows just how much work was put into the creation of the piece. Quite an undertaking but as one of the other attendees at the event put it, “I think Microsoft can afford it.” 

Yeah, probably. Hit the jump for the extended “Believe” trailer, which also features the monument. 


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