Halo 3 could be the sleeper hit of 2008. Unbelievable, I know

Nobody could have expected this one, but it turns out that Halo 3 has actually become quite a popular release. I know, I couldn’t quite believe it myself, but our news contributor Joe Burling and regular tipster TheGoldenDonut wiped the haughty smirk off my face with the power of evidence. Come with me as we look at all of today’s announced successes in the Halo 3 camp.

It should come as no surprise that Halo 3 has stormed onto Xbox Live like a hungry Nazi, claiming the number one spot from Gears of War. As a side note, if you’re anything like me, you’ll now find that it’s the perfect time to play Gears. Most of the ones left playing it are awful (or the dangerous hardcore that need to be avoided), so I’m actually only substandard at it these days, not a total laughing stock. 

In terms of sales, Halo 3 has quite obviously become the fastest moving 360 game of all time. One in three Xbox 360 owners have purchased the game already, and Halo 3 currently sits just below GTA: San Andreas as the second fastest selling game in history. Naturally, the game’s success has a knock-on effect, as sales of the 360 console have doubled, outselling the Wii for the first time in half a year. Maybe Nintendo needs to sell more … oh wait.

Among all the other holiday titles on the way, Halo 3 has contributed to an analyst raising GameStop’s forecasts. If you’re not convinced yet that the game is doing well, perhaps its number one position in the UK charts will make a believer of you. I know, for a game with such little coverage and gamer interest, it’s difficult to grasp, but Halo 3 has actually become the sleeper hit we never expected it to be. Accept the truth.

James Stephanie Sterling