Halo 3 beta gets a release date; admit it, you wet yourself a little, huh?

Bungie just dropped their big bombshell, and it turns out that it’s the start date for the Halo 3 multiplayer beta; May 16th. According to their site, at 12AM on the 16th the download option in Crackdown will become active, and people around the world will simoultaneously cry as they realize the pinnacle of their existence is a chance to play a video game before it has been released. 

The beta will last until midnight on June 6th and will include three of the planned maps; Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound. It will also, undoubtedly, include racism, thirteen year olds who just learned the term “Thunderc*nt”, and the hopes and dreams of an entire generation. Face it, the only way this beta could meet the expectations it has already created would be if it spontaneously generates sexy, large-breasted, subservient unicorns, and hands you wads of hundred dollar bills every time you enter a server. 

[Thanks Zach, for the tip, and for always being there when we’ve had a rough day.]

Earnest Cavalli
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