Halo 3, all these years later, is getting a new map from the ruins of Halo Online

Halo 3 came out in 2007

New Halo news is coming back in a big way and it’s pretty exciting.

Now that a lot of the darkness has parted from the Halo Infinite delay, 343 Industries is giving us huge updates for the Halo series as a whole. Not all of them are good! But it’s nice to see multiple arms of the franchise talked about in any capacity.

To that end, Halo 3 is getting its first update in a long while. Yes, that Halo 3. By way of the Master Chief Collection, Halo 3 will get the “Waterfall” map, which was taken from the failed/defunct Halo Online project. The name is gleaned from the file in the blog post itself.

Created on the back of Halo 3, Online was going to be a thing in Russia and beyond in 2015, until it wasn’t in 2016. Thankfully, part of Saber Interactive’s work is going to be preserved with this new map. It’s going to be tested in beta form first, then unleashed to add Master Chief Collection owners. Another win for game preservation!

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