Halloween comes early to Team Fortress 2

Scream Fortress X is underway

Game developers have begun kicking off their Halloween events early to allow for ample playtime, and that even goes for Valve this year. Team Fortress 2 is on its tenth Scream Fortress event, a fact I didn’t particularly care to know but now can’t seem to stop thinking about. This game just does not quit.

If you’ve long since moved on from TF2, the Halloween celebration probably won’t bring you back into the fray. Scream Fortress X has five community-made maps to run through, Contracts (read: challenges) to keep your attention, and a batch of cosmetic items to earn over the next several weeks.

During the event, you can log in to claim a Soul Gargoyle which enables Halloween item transmutations, lets you work through Merasmissions, and uh, eats souls. Valve has added five new Contracts and also reset the objectives from prior years so players have the opportunity to finish them again.

Why bother? Because you need to look your spookiest! Clearing out a Contract will net you a free Halloween item and a chance of earning a Violet Vermin Case or a Scream Fortress X War Paint Case.

If I just lost you, here’s how it all breaks down:

  • Violet Vermin Case
    • Contains 20 new community-created cosmetic items that make-up the Violet Vermin Collection
    • Has a chance to give one of 4 community-created Halloween-restricted items as a bonus item
    • Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
  • Scream Fortress X War Paint Case
    • Contains 10 new community-created War Paints that make-up the Scream Fortress X War Paint Collection
    • Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
  • Two new official taunts in the Mann Co. Store
    • Taunt: Panzer Pants
    • Taunt: The Scooty Scoot
  • 17 new community-created Unusual effects
    • 11 new effects for Unusual hats
    • 6 new effects for Unusual taunts

Scream Fortress X runs until November 14, so there’s plenty of time to squeeze in TF2 hijinks.

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