Halfbrick: Android Marketplace not great for games

I’ve been saying for a while that the Android OS just isn’t a great place for gaming, despite the huge popularity of Android devices. Raskulls and Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick seems to agree, revealing that the Android Marketplace just isn’t very good for games.

“Well, despite some enthusiastic Android gamers claiming otherwise, that market is much smaller than iTunes by a significant margin,” said sexy Australian Phil Larsen. “Android devices are selling very well, but the core gaming ecosystem is not set up like the App Store is in regards to usability and consistency. There are no checks or reviews on Android — you upload your game, or app, or program of any kind, and it is live on the store immediately. Overall, game downloads are much lower on Android, even at the top of the charts.”

As much as we’d love to cover Android gaming more on Destructoid, there’s just nothing to talk about. Angry gamers have demanded Android coverage, and we do our best, but it’s a sad fact that Windows Phone 7 is already a better gaming platform, despite being around for a fraction of the time Android has.

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James Stephanie Sterling