Half of Rare working on unannounced games, more details coming ‘soon enough’

Rare’s Nick Burton spoke to VideoGamer last week at the Develop Conference about what’s next for the company, and although no new games were revealed, he says that we’ll be hearing more “soon enough.”

“There’s a couple of things on the roster that are going to be pretty cool as well. Obviously you do the math. Look at the size and how big the Banjo team currently needs to be, how big our shared technology group and asset group are. Look at the number of games and how they’re staggered and how many teams we have. There’s about half the studio missing from the release schedule at the moment.”

When questioned about Kameo 2, Nick responded that while he isn’t working on it, that doesn’t necessarily mean someone else isn’t.

What else could Rare be working on then? More Conker, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, and Battletoads would be just peachy if you ask me. There’s no telling what’s in store for us, but at least the wait won’t be too long.

Which Rare franchise(s) would y’all like to see make a comeback?

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