Half-Life mod Sven Co-op returning as its own game

Free for all Steam users

Half-Life mods used to be all the rage. It seemed like each month brought a brand new and unique mod of the game’s engine that felt completely alien yet familiar to play. Games like Earth’s Special Forces or Battle of the Millenium were amazing and occupied hours upon hours of my time in high school. Among these mods was Sven Co-op, a cooperative and wacky mod that offered up hundreds of stories and missions through user-created maps and content.

Hell, I remember spending entire afternoons with friends playing maps like OMG and SvenCoop RPG without a care in the world. Well, that feeling can finally be revived, as the mod is making a comeback! The developers have announced that the game is being remade with a custom version of the Half-Life engine, and will be free to all Steam users. This version will also have steady updates and increased performance, thanks to Steam’s fancy services.

There’s something special about the good Half-Life mods out there, and Sven Co-op is certain one of them. Now, how about we do the same to ESF?

Half-Life Free: Sven Co-op Reborn [Rock,Paper, Shotgun]

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