Half-Life Alyx guide: Stuck at the Chapter 10 construction puzzle? Here’s how to solve it

No spoilers

Yep, that’s a big ‘ol picture of Russell: a guy you meet very early in the game.

That’s just a spoiler guard though, because most of you probably clicked this because of a puzzle solution.

Ready? Light spoilers ahead (nothing story related):

Midway through chapter 10 you’ll come across a ruined indoor construction site with a giant pipe and a control panel that sports two levers. One lever controls the left pile of wood, the right one controls the right pile. Easy enough.

But what you probably didn’t notice for upward of 30 minutes (at least, in my case) is that there’s a third, unrelated button you can press behind the control panel that lets you manipulate the pipe. Just turn around and look in the left corner for a construction site-looking rectangular apparatus. Press that, free up the pipe, then left both piles of wood.

Head back down the causeway and jump across. Good luck! Look, I even put the image at the very bottom so there’s no chance of puzzle spoilers unless you got this far after several warnings.


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