Half-Life: Alyx gets three new gameplay videos, each one unique in its own way

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It feels surreal to talk about a new Half-Life game as something that’s definitely launching before the month is over. Half-Life: Alyx is nearly here, and Valve has three new gameplay videos to give us a sample platter of what we can expect.

These three extended clips each exist to show off a different type of locomotion within VR. The first video (embedded above) has movement by teleportation — the least realistic method of getting around, but also the one that’s proven to be the easiest to stomach. This video channels its inner Ravenholm (we don’t go there), as a dilapidated subway station has been overrun by zombies and headcrabs. 

It’s here that we also get a glimpse at Half-Life: Alyx‘s upgrade system. Alyx uses a Combine fabricator to improve her pistol by using resin to craft a new sight. Afterward, she coolly snags a hardhat off a chair, flips it on her head, and nabs the ammo that was sitting under it. It seems as though there’s a lot to be discovered in manipulating Alyx‘s environment and finding resources that are cleverly hidden.

This second video will look less jarring to those who are familiar with Half-Life and unfamiliar with virtual reality. It uses the standard first-person method of walking around, which doesn’t always go well in VR. We’re also treated to a look at some of Alyx‘s puzzle design, as this clip focuses mostly on unlocking new paths through the level.

Lastly, there’s a combat-focused video that feels sort of similar to Freeman’s shootouts with the marines at Black Mesa. Alyx takes on swarms of aggressive Combine, as Valve shows off the shift locomotion — a hybrid between teleportation and normal walking that sort of zooms from place to place. This video also puts Alyx’s gravity gloves on full display, as she grabs enemy grenades and returns them to sender.

Half-Life: Alyx launches on March 23 on Steam for the major PC virtual reality headsets. These videos should give you a nice headstart on how you plan to move through the game.

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