Hailrazer’s Kamikaze 64 is one sleek-looking device

When it comes to the unholy act of squishing a console into a smaller, slightly-more-portable shell, most homemade devices usually offer either style or functionality, but not both. Hailrazer’s Kamikaze 64, on the other hand, appears to be sexy and packed with features.

It’s all about the little touches, like opting to include parts from a GameCube controller for better comfort, video output, and even slapping an I/O port on the device’s backside. Incredible work all around, for sure.

This project brings me back to the days of the Sega Nomad; limited battery life even when you threw handfuls of AA batteries at the black beast. Still, the vile thing was technically portable.

We sure have come a long way since then.

Hailrazer’s Kamikaze 64 is the most polished portable N64 yet (video) [Engadget]

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