Hail to the King in this Raskulls teaser

Halfbrick Studios has released a brand new teaser trailer for Raskulls, bringing us a little closer to the legend that is The King. As the main star of this sidescrolling puzzler racing game, King has a lot of credentials, as you can see from the video. Would you mess with a bee keeping champion? Didn’t think so.

Halfbrick promises that some actual gameplay is on the way, and I am really looking forward to it. The blend of racing, puzzling and platforming has me intrigued, and the game’s sense of humor and adorable design makes this one of the most interesting XBLA games to have appeared for quite a while. 

Hit the jump for the teaser trailer, and do let us know what you think. Halfbrick has nuff respekt for the Dtoid community.

Jim Sterling