HADOUKEN! Nothing but gameplay footage from Street Fighter IV

Most of you may have already seen the footage from Street Fighter IV from Topher’s earlier post today. In case you missed it though (or are still waiting for the video to buffer … ), here are clips from GameVideos with just the gameplay footage. Ryu and Ken both perform their signature moves such as Hadouken and Shoryuken (among others) in these two videos.

I wasn’t all too trilled with the direction the series was taking when we first saw images of the game. After seeing the game in motion, however, I’m starting to like it. Of course, actually getting my hands on the game will help me determine if IV is truly a worthy successor. I also have to agree with Topher and say that the game is looking very fast, which is a good thing. I really loving the real time facial reactions the fighters will now have too. It’s a small thing, sure, but I love when games are given these life like extra details. 

Shoryuken the jump for the other gameplay video. Now, about that penis

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