Hades’ 1.0 patch unlocks the true ending

Finally find out what awaits Zagreus

After a very lengthy Early Access period that spanned the Epic Games Store and Steam, Hades is finally out and it’s making quite the splash.

And with a full release comes a full 1.0 patch, which finally enables folks to witness the true ending of the game: instead of a tease after defeating the final boss. You can find the meat of the patch notes below, but the full rundown is worth reading if you’ve been playing it in early access vigorously: it really helps to know what builds were changed. If this is your first time into the fray, just skip them entirely.

Some big highlights beyond the true ending addition include new keepsakes, more in-game cosmetics (all unlocked through in-game currency, to be clear), “thousands of new voice lines,” new artwork, five extra music tracks and more “extreme measures.”

In case you’re not aware, Hades features a “heat” mechanic that allows you to make each run tougher using a variety of different parameters (which you can mix and match). It unlocks after your first clear and is a large driving force for repeat runs: which, in turn, allow the story (both on a macro and micro level) to further unfold.

1.0 Patch Notes [Reddit]

Highlights of Hades 1.0:

• The True Ending: discover what awaits Prince Zagreus at the end of his journey

• New Hidden Aspect: harness the unsurpassed fury of the Twin Fists in the aspect of an ancient god-king

• Extremer Measures: can you withstand the full unbridled power of the Final Boss?

• New Late-Game Unlockables: assert your status with new decorative themes and prestigious badges

• New Keepsakes: get not one but two powerful, new Keepsakes… but from whom?

• New Music: listen for five stunning new tracks, rounding out 2.5 hours of original music

• New Artwork: new visual effects, renovated chambers, and updated animations abound

• Expanded Story: new narrative events with every character, and thousands of new voice lines


• Added nearly 50 Achievements! Note: You may earn certain Achievements once you load your game, based on past progress. Fear not, it isn’t possible to have played past the point where you can unlock any Achievement. Ones not awarded retroactively should be reasonable to earn (e.g. clearing Tartarus).

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